Susurrus is an interactive art installation I created using mostly recycled materials. It is a box, 6 feet long by 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide. The inside of the box was lined with mirrors collected from friends and supporters, or purchased from the Re-Store with the proceeds from my purchases going to Habitat for Humanity. Most of the wood is reclaimed wood from old projects and renovations. Suspended from the top of the box on the inside is a wave pendulum, made from recycled bottles. Glow sticks are placed in the bottles to illuminate otherwise there would be no light inside. The pendulum is activated by a reset lever operated by the viewer on the side of the box, then viewed through two way mirrors on the end of the box. The mirrors on the inside give the viewer the illusion that there are limitless boundaries and bottles, despite the actual number only being 10. Numerous people have tried to take photos/videos of Susurrus, but the two way glass and low light causes no end of trouble. The two borgish pictures posted here are what happens when you use a flash pressed right up against the glass...but you loose the pendulum. It is a piece that needs to be seen in person in order to get the full effect. I made this installation piece (my first attempt at an installation piece) for the No Vacancy: Dream State show at Burlington's Waterfront Hotel on September 19th, 2013.  The proceeds of the show go to support the Halton Women's Centre.  Special thanks to my dad for allowing me to take up so much room in his garage for a few weeks and for helping me overcome challenges and assemble the susurrus. Without him and the help of so many others (Grant, Sean, Selina and Dean, Shannon, Andy, Mike, Tammy and The Re-Store Hamilton) I could not have succeeded. Sorry if I missed anyone.

Here's the closest I could get to a video of it in motion:










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